We design exceptional consumer packaged products with CBD that incorporate seamlessly into your life.

Altitude Products was founded with a mission: to save millions of lives. Today, Altitude Products is actively developing the technologies to create ultra premium products that replace dangerous pharmaceutical drugs with effective plant medicine products. Offering a wide range of premium unique brands, Altitude Products believes that the power of plant medicine is for everyone.


Our team of unicorns is united by three core values that help us achieve our goals.


Spirit of Service: 24/7, 365 our team has a heart for serving others. It isn’t something you teach people. It’s who we are. We are wired to serve others and start with “How can we help?”


Positive Attitude: We lead with positivity and optimism. In the toughest circumstances we start with a smile and determination, knowing that we have an entire team supporting us.


Entrepreneurial: Rather than challenges we see opportunities for ourselves and our clients. We are entrepreneurs at heart creatively problem solving and exploiting opportunities in under served markets.

Every Altitude Products wellness product not only meets Nevada state regulated standards, but exceeds them. Our leadership team tours cultivation and production facilities extensively to witness first hand the safety guidelines and high quality source material that goes into every product we create.


Every member of the Altitude Products team takes community leadership seriously. Our leadership team moderated the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s Market Trends in Marijuana monthly panel for a year and our CEO served as the Women Grow Las Vegas Market Leader 2017-2018. Community leadership is a daily effort from every member of our team.

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The Altitude Products leadership team starts with industry leading education at every level of our product development. Before any product is placed on a shelf our retail team fully trains the sales staff on all aspects of our products. Once our products are offered on shelves our retail leadership team is in constant contact to support the retailer with product knowledge and sales support. Altitude Products’ goal is to be the best brand partner every retailer has ever had.



Anticipated Growth in America’s Fastest Industry

CBD is estimated to grow to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by 2020 with $450 million of those sales coming from hemp-based sources. That’s a 700% increase from 2016.
– Forbes


Who Runs the World?

Women make up 59% of
hemp-derived CBD product consumers.
– HelloMD and the Brightfield Group CBD Market Study

Award-Winning Innovation As Seen World Wide

Our award-winning products have been featured on international and national media, praised for their premium ingredients, exacting quality standards, and impressive results.