We design exceptional products that unify the cannabis community.

Altitude Products was founded under the belief that the heart of every cannabis product is the community. Today, Altitude Products is actively developing the technologies to create ultra premium products that unify the cannabis industry by connecting to local cannabis communities, with the ultimate goal of creating cutting edge lifestyle products that normalize the use of cannabis.

The Weekend Box was created to curate the consumer’s first regulated cannabis experience. Highlighting the best that each cannabis community has to offer, The Weekend Box brings together cannabis education in our Insider’s Guide to each city with everything a new consumer would need to discover their favorite method of cannabis consumption.

Exceptional Quality

Every Altitude Products cannabis product not just meets the state regulated standards, but exceeds them. Our leadership team tours cultivation and production facilities extensively to witness first hand the safety guidelines and high quality source material that goes into every product we create.

Community Leadership

Every member of the Altitude Products team takes community leadership seriously. Our leadership team moderates the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association’s Market Trends in Marijuana monthly panel and our CEO is the Women Grow Las Vegas Market Leader. Community leadership is a daily effort from every member of our team.

Industry Education Leaders

The Altitude Products leadership team starts with industry leading education at every level of our product development. Before any product is placed into a dispensary location our retail team is on site to fully train the dispensary team on all aspects of our products. Once our products are offered on shelves our retail leadership team is on site several times each week to support the dispensary team with product knowledge and sales support. Altitude Products’ goal is to be the best brand partner every dispensary has ever had.


We are a people first organization.

We believe that when consumers have a positive first regulated cannabis experience they are more likely to incorporate cannabis into their lifestyle. Our mission is to create ultra premium cannabis products that unify cannabis communities.

Our team is united by four core values that help us achieve our goals. Every leader on our team agrees to embody these core values in all of their interactions with our clients and in the cannabis industry.


We are 24/7, 365 – our team has a heart for serving others. It isn’t something you can teach people, it’s who we are. We are wired to serve others and always happy to help.


Rather than challenges, we see opportunities. We are entrepreneurs at heart – always solving problems creatively, and harnessing opportunities in underserved markets.

Positively Ready

We lead with positivity and optimism. Even in the toughest of circumstances, we always begin with a smile and determination, knowing that we have an entire team supporting us.


We pride ourselves on always following through. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll be sure to find it, or find the person who would know. No task is too big or too small for any member of our team.

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