We are a people first organization.

We believe that everyone can benefit from incorporating plant medicine into their lifestyle. Our mission is to create ultra premium CBD wellness products that replace dangerous pharmaceuticals.

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat. Just get on!”

-Sheryl Sandberg


Krista Whitley

Founder & CEO

“Krista operates at a dizzying velocity and altitude. When she updates me on her latest projects and accomplishments, I wonder if I’ve been napping at the wheel of my own business… she’s just that far ahead of everyone else.” -Tim Francis

Altitude Products exists today thanks to the trailblazing leadership of Krista Whitley. An award-winning fast growth entrepreneur, Krista Whitley has spent her career creating organizations poised for explosive growth in underserved industries. Krista has experience on both sides of the camera: watched on reality television with Animal Planet’s “Groomer Has It Season 2″​, CBC’s “Dragons Den”​, and as executive producer of her own Rosie award nominated reality television show “The Fabulous Furballs”​ on Canada’s Slice network; and winning two American Advertising Federation Addy awards for her video production work. Of Krista, Kevin O’Leary said, “She’s the real deal.”

Known as a real time connector, Krista is an established community leader who was a founding board member for the Conscious Capitalism Chapter of Las Vegas. Honored as a Woman to Watch by Vegas, Inc, one of Las Vegas’ Most Intriguing People by Vegas Seven, and one of MYVEGAS’ Top 100 Power Women, Krista served as the Women Grow Market Leader for Las Vegas and moderated the monthly Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association Market Trends in Marijuana panel. An experienced business leader, Krista is a passionate advocate for plant medicine who is dedicated to helping leaders and brands do what they do best.

Founder and CEO of Altitude Products, Krista built a plant medicine wellness empire that includes the industry’s premier advertising agency Social Media Unicorn, the cannabis industry’s most explosive product launch to date with The Weekend Box, licensing rights to some of the industry’s most established brands, and producing seven premium CBD wellness brands for people and pets. Altitude Products designs exceptional wellness products that help people live their best lives.

Our organization was founded on the belief that the heart of every wellness product is the people we serve. We won for “Best Float” at the Las Vegas PRIDE parade and diversity is something this woman owned and woman-led organization lives every day, thanks to our team that includes veterans, LGBTQIA+ leaders, and people of every age, creed, race, and background. Today, Altitude Products is actively developing the technologies to create premium wellness products that educate consumers, with the ultimate goal of creating cutting edge wellness products that make it easy for consumers to incorporate plant medicine over pills into their lives.

Melissa Romero

Vice President

Known as the most versatile player behind the scenes of Altitude Products, Melissa Romero is the tenacious project manager with a PhD in execution. With the rare ability to perform real time execution in the most complex and challenging circumstances, Melissa uses her years of technology and customer service expertise that was hard earned at legendary customer service leader Zappos to perform daily miracles for all divisions of Altitude Products. The word ‘no’ doesn’t exist within her vocabulary – if you can think it, she can make it happen.

Her in-depth experience with software development and quality assurance enables Melissa to step into the mind of the consumer, allowing her to anticipate issues before they even arise. As a truly passionate customer advocate (and a medical cannabis patient herself), Melissa constantly has their wants and needs at the forefront of her mind – sometimes before they even know it themselves. Combined with her robust social media and marketing skills, Melissa has a finger directly on the pulse of the cannabis community.

Melissa’s critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are only highlighted by her consistent ability to adapt – an immeasurable asset in the ever-evolving adult-use market. With endless energy, passion, and drive, Melissa oversees an expansive team throughout the United States to stay on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry.

Craig Meland

Creative Director

Creative Guru, Craig Meland is the Creative Director for Altitude Products.

Art has always been a hobby of Craig’s from a very young age, leading to his graduating with an honors degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1999. Since then, he has been working professionally as a graphic designer, starting his career at the well-known Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas where he worked creating everything from print marketing collateral, to signage and billboards. He was recruited from the Riviera to work for a privately owned design firm as their Creative Director, where he was employed for 15 years. He successfully and efficiently lead a team of creative graphic artists and website developers.

In 2008, Craig started freelancing, opening CM2 Design, where he has designed an array of print collateral and websites for a wide-range of clients. In his many years as a designer, he lent his creative hand to clients such as Capital One Financial, Paris Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International, Caesars Palace, Lake Las Vegas Resort, The Las Vegas Philharmonic, LV Photo, La Salsa Cantina, Snoop Dogg, Aid for Aids Nevada, and more.

Craig joined Altitude Products bringing 17 years of his award-winning concepts, outstanding visual design skills, technical savvy and creative management experience to the Altitude Products team. Craig excels at managing an impressive work flow with tight turnarounds. His comprehensive approach to projects and his strong understanding of current design, brand and marketing trends make him a natural creative leader.

Kris Olivo

Director of Sales

Sales ninja, Kris Olivo is the Director of Sales for Altitude Products. Known for his ability to optimize processes, lead objective-driven teams, and close deals, he is a master of execution. Using his laser-like focus, honed through previous military service, Kris Olivo knows how to weed through the B.S. and get the job done. With years of sales, digital & social media marketing wizardry under his belt, Kris Olivo knows how to get the right ideas, in front of the right people, at the right time.

In 2015, he used his sales and marketing knowledge to drive over 70K+ new users to a mobile application he co-created. Taking his skill set further, he began consulting an array of different clients, in organizing, optimizing, and creating effective sales processes and marketing strategies. Having been called a walking ROI, he is also a social media expert who understands influence and virality and brings his entire skillset to the table to generate revenue.

An expert in people, Kris understands establishing and growing relationships with distributors, retailers, and consumers. With a strategy in mind, his vast experience as a leader not only in the military but in the civilian world as well, allow him to oversee and grow an expansive national sales team and process.


Amanda Cutler

Executive Assistant To The CEO

Amanda Cutler, born in Vancouver, Canada, grew up in Mesa, Arizona after moving for her father’s new job as Food and Beverage Director for the Phoenix Suns and the future Arizona Diamondbacks. Her mother has worked in the public school system for the last 25 years. With a love of traveling, she was fortunate enough to travel to thirty countries before thirty. She hopes to visit all Seven Wonders of the World.  Amanda has a passion for the environment and hopes to participate in a deep sea clean-up project in Australia. Amanda enjoys sports, is a craft beer enthusiast, animal lover, and wishes to visit every football and baseball stadium in their respected leagues.

She spent the first fourteen years of her work life as a waitress and bartender throughout the phoenix valley. Partnering with some of the finest restaurants and hotel, Amanda found a passion in customer service and hospitality, creating moments for others, and working with a dedicated team. It’s something about being responsible for the quality of a guest’s set aside time of their day that made her job incredibly easy and enjoyable. Amanda was a certified Trainer for three restaurants, as well as recreated the entire training program for the bartenders at Chase Field.

An opportunity arose to become an office manager for Endurance International Group, a brand web hosting Website Company. The challenge to leave the Food and Beverage community to learn a new industry was too appealing to pass by and resulted in a great job opportunity to learn and grow.  The passion to for customer service was developed further through a new passion of accomplishing customer service through aiding team members and the company with every need.

Her sister, Heather, became employed with Altitude Products as the Assistant Sale Director with Altitude Products and quickly realized Amanda would be a great addition to the rocket ship.  One- one hour interview on Tuesday and flight to Las Vegas, she started work the following Thursday morning and has yet to look back. Altitude Products has captured every quality Amanda has been searching for in a career path.  Looking forward to the future of Altitude Products, she is dedicated to keeping her place on this rocket ship.


Amber Romero

Executive Assistant to the Sales

Amber Romero is a Executive Assistant to the Sales Team who works alongside, CEOs, solopreneurs and directores to grow their businesses, brands and create partnerships. Amber believes in curating strong client relationships produce the best business alliances.  Having used this skill this in every industry; starting with childcare field, Amber jumped into the to wealth management business as well as the entertainment industry and fine dining. Amber has best exemplified strong client relations by owning, operating and maintaining previous child care business for six years. On the flipside, Amber knows how important meeting and exceeding customer expectations are from her previous involvement with high profile clients in the famous Las Vegas entertainment and tourism industry. With an array expertise and knowledge, it drives Amber to formulate exceptional client relations and business partnerships, all while delivering happiness and fostering the vision fast-pace cannabis business .

Amber has an unique connection with  the cannabis industry, her treasured black lab, Sage is on CBD medication daily to help with epilepsy from an head on collision. Amber has noticed a significant improvement  with Sage’s frequency of seizures and recovery time. Having Sage on CBD medication has opened Amber’s mind and heart to the cannabis industry.

Amber embodies Altitude Product’s four core values; service orientated, inventive, positively ready and accountable. Her background in child care most represents her service ready heart; always putting others needs first and giving her all to families. Amber’s go-giver mentality has helped her maintain long term clients that will trust her expertise in any industry.  Being a Pisces, a natural born artistic thinker, creativity is running through her veins. In her freetime, Amber has a passion and experience in interior design and a knack for decorating. Creativity is what she does best. As self-development junkie, Amber takes all challenges both professionally and personally with a positive attitude. At the center of Amber’s outlook on life, she believes that happiness is a choice. With her caring heart, Amber had always been a “mom” to everyone, making her the most responsible one in the room. That characteristic falls into her professional life as well; following through with client’s questions, concerns and need to insure the best business relationships. To say the least, Amber is the heart of Altitude Products.

Nobie Morita                   

Director of Production

I was born in Placerville, California. I have lived most of my life in California and decided to move to Las Vegas, NV.  Only came with a backpack and moved in with a friends cousin.  I started working with Burger King on my second day.  After working with Burger King for several months, I moved out and started living in my own place.  As my opportunities opened I started working for a restaurant on the Vegas Strip as a host.  While working on the Vegas Strip I had a chance to meet a lot of people from around the world.  While talking to them and learning more about what country they are from and their experiences.

The restaurant I was working for sold, it was very sad to hear what they did.  As they did not give any severance package to the employees and told us 2 weeks before they sold the restaurant.  They said that we can file for unemployment.

I started to look around for another Job and was hired by Bed and Bath (main warehouse).  I started in there inventory control division as I had over 7 years of experience in working with inventory control.  I received praise from my management team and they wanted to move me into another position dealing more with management.  As my review was coming up a new manager gave me the review.  He was very unprofessional for being management.  He basically slapped me in my face and only gave me a .25cent raise, after praising me on how I work with Bed and Bath and others.1 of the security officers ask how I was doing and I told him on what happened.  He told me on how he seen me working at Bed and Bath and told me there is new upcoming company, Altitude Products, that I should work for them as he was moving over also.

As I started working with Altitude Products for the production line, I started to volunteer doing the inventory counts. After a few days I was promoted to inventory control supervisor.  This lead to working for Altitude Products main facility and promoted to Director of Productions.


Ted Villanueva

Assistant Director of Production

I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1983 where I attended school until I graduated from Western Branch High School.  In 2006, I decided to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada. At that time, I did not know what I wanted to do as a career path so I started at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino (formerly The Aladdin Hotel & Casino) as a Security Officer.  During my tenure there, I was promoted very quickly through the ranks and finally held the position of Security Investigator. In my role as the Security Investigator, I acquired numerous skills through all the abundant amount of courses I had attended.  Learning how to speak in front of large groups of executives, de escalating situations, interviews and interrogation and even being certified as a CPR instructor are just a few of the skills I had learned would greatly help me further in life.

I was presented with an opportunity to work with Station Casinos and had heard good things about the company so I took a chance and started working for Sunset Station Hotel & Casino as a Security Officer.  While working for Sunset Station Hotel & Casino, I was promoted to a Security Supervisor with Wildfire Gaming (subsidiary of Station Casinos). While working for Wildfire Gaming I learned more about Station Casinos and even started to cross train with other departments and positions.  I was learning aspects of bartending, inventory control, cooking, human resources, accounting and so on and so forth. Being in a position and given the opportunity to learn all of the jobs that are vital to making a casino or even a business function was an eye opening experience. I am very grateful for the knowledge that I gained while working for Station Casinos.

While working contact security, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a company, Altitude Products, in which I was very intrigued with how the company was ran, the products they produced and just the general camaraderie of the company.  At that time, I knew that I wanted to work for Altitude Products. I did whatever I could just to get my foot in the door with them and was finally hired as a Production Team Member. As time went on I promoted from being a Production Team Member to an Assistant Production Manager to now an Assistant Director of Production.  Being part of Altitude Products has been a life changing decision and it is one that I will never regret. In my position on this rocket ship I ensure that quality products are produced to bring optimal wellness to others. Knowing that the products I produce help others live better lives, brings a feeling of self-satisfaction that is unexplainable.  I was always told “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.” In my position, I love what I do and I am not looking back. I am so excited to see how high Altitude Products will soar on this rocket ship.

Board of Advisors

Krista Waddell 

Elizabeth Stavola

Scot Rutledge

Nick Vu