Krista Waddell

Krista Waddell

Krista Waddell was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada during the Megaresort era. The influence of a population boom, business, and innovation set the stage for her entrepreneurial mind. At seventeen, she secured her first position at the University of Phoenix as an accounting supervisor, while pursuing her B.S.B. with an emphasis on marketing at UNLV.

Krista used her marketing knowledge and accounting skills to start Reaction Advertising, Specialties, and Promotions, which worked primarily in the hotel/casino industry. Reaction’s services included market research, design, paper and non-paper printing, specialty drinkware design, overseas production, and importing. Clients included major Las Vegas resorts.

Event-driven marketing became a stress Krista’s family causing the sale of Reaction. Pairing her passion for macroeconomic and an active mind drove her to study the commodities markets focusing on precious metals and trade from home.

Krista developed “Gold Parties” in 2005. Along the lines of party plan, a “gold party” is like a Tupperware party, but instead of buying a product, guests brought their unwanted gold and left with cash. The company ballooned into a multinational company within two years. As the economy shifted from a buyer to seller’s market, Krista, shifted the business model in 2012 to distribute investment bullion in Central America. Trading in this highly regulated industry has provided Krista valuable international expertise. In 2011, Krista’s innovation and adaptability led the National Association of Professional Women to name Krista “Business Woman of the Year.”

Annually, Krista leads treks through the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas to raise scholarship funds for children in domestic violence situations via RENEW, a local NGO. In addition, Krista enjoys flying as an instrument rated private pilot, martial arts, kite surfing, climbing, kettle bell weight lifting, and SCUBA diving.