“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask which seat. Just get on!”

-Sheryl Sandberg

We are a people first organization.

Krista Whitley   |   Founder and CEO of Altitude Products

Altitude Products exists today thanks to the trailblazing leadership of Krista Whitley. An award-winning fast growth entrepreneur, Krista Whitley has spent her career creating organizations poised for explosive growth in underserved industries. Of Krista, business legend Kevin O’Leary said, “She’s the real deal.”


Known as a real time connector, Krista founded Altitude Products on her couch and has grown it into an award-winning fast growth plant medicine empire with a 100% female Board of Directors. Named by Green Entrepreneur as one of the Top 100 Cannabis Leaders in the Medical category for their exacting standards with a commitment to improving the quality of life for people and pets, Altitude Products is on a mission to save lives by replacing dangerous pills with innovative plant wellness products. Named by the Cannabis Business Awards as the “Most Innovative Company” of 2018, Altitude Products continues to set a new standard for excellence in plant medicine innovation.


As an established community leader, Krista was a founding board member for the Conscious Capitalism Chapter of Las Vegas and served on several non profit boards. Honored as a Woman to Watch by Vegas, Inc, named one of Las Vegas’ Most Intriguing People by Vegas Seven, and one of the Top 100 Power Women of Las Vegas, Krista has a heart for serving others.

Krista Waddell   |   Board of Directors

Krista Waddell was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada during the Megaresort era. The influence of a population boom, business, and innovation set the stage for her entrepreneurial mind. At seventeen, she secured her first position at the University of Phoenix as an accounting supervisor, while pursuing her B.S.B. with an emphasis on marketing at UNLV.


Krista used her marketing knowledge and accounting skills to start Reaction Advertising, Specialties, and Promotions, which worked primarily in the hotel/casino industry. Reaction’s services included market research, design, paper and non-paper printing, specialty drinkware design, overseas production, and importing. Clients included major Las Vegas resorts.


Event-driven marketing became a stress Krista’s family causing the sale of Reaction. Pairing her passion for macroeconomic and an active mind drove her to study the commodities markets focusing on precious metals and trade from home.


Krista developed “Gold Parties” in 2005. Along the lines of party plan, a “gold party” is like a Tupperware party, but instead of buying a product, guests brought their unwanted gold and left with cash. The company ballooned into a multinational company within two years. As the economy shifted from a buyer to seller’s market, Krista, shifted the business model in 2012 to distribute investment bullion in Central America. Trading in this highly regulated industry has provided Krista valuable international expertise.

Reagan Heidelberg   |   Board of Directors

Reagan Heidelberg is a results-oriented beauty executive with 15+ years track record of creating and growing category changing beauty brands in mass and specialty channels. Driven by an innate enthusiasm for people and relationships, Reagan provides leadership in identifying and developing industry-leading talent while supporting the strategic growth of her clients and partners.


She began her career at L’Oreal Paris after she was selected to participate in their Management Trainee program in Manhattan. After gaining tremendous experience through various roles in the company, it was her excitement around the development of relationships and people that drove her every day. While at L’Oreal, she received several sales and cross functional excellence awards and was managing a $150MM business unit before the age of 30.


Reagan moved to Tru Fragrance & Beauty in 2010 and has been a strategic asset in their growth and dominance in the curated brand space by leading the commercial sales team; Developing and growing beauty businesses at retailers such as Target, Gap Inc, URBN brands, American Eagle, MARMAX, and Sephora. She has also led distribution efforts for global brand partnerships – while also focused on growing the team and talent pool at Tru in the role of Chief Talent Officer.


She was invited into the Cosmetics and Fragrance mentorship program at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in 2012 and thoroughly enjoys her time assisting and guiding students. She has also spent time with her alma mater, The College of New Jersey, serving on panels that focus on helping women in the workforce and managing work/life balance.


She currently resides in Delray Beach, Florida with her husband and three children.

Donna More   |   Board of Directors

Donna provides compliance, regulatory, corporate and transaction services to clients in Illinois and throughout the United States in highly regulated industries such as gaming, medical cannabis, liquor, sweepstakes and contests. Drawing upon her experience as general counsel to the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) and her tenure as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney, Donna advises clients on all licensing and regulatory issues in hearings before administrative agencies. She also represents clients in commercial and regulatory disputes involving competitors.


Donna regularly represents casinos, video gaming terminal operators, manufacturers and distributors, game developers and other companies involved in the gaming industry in Illinois and nationwide. As the first general counsel to the IGB, she was involved in the process of legalizing gaming in Illinois and helped write the regulations governing the state’s gaming industry that remain in place today. This first-hand knowledge enables Donna to provide extensive insight and counsel to companies in the gaming industry in Illinois regarding licensing, compliance, investigations and commercial disputes. Additionally, she advocates for clients before agency boards and commissions, litigates compliance issues in administrative and disciplinary hearings, and negotiates settlements.


Donna also helps clients comply with Illinois’ Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. This includes working with clients to secure cultivation licenses from the Illinois Department of Agriculture and dispensary licenses from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. In addition to helping them comply with regulations, Donna assists growers and dispensaries with general business matters, shareholder agreements and operational plans. For banking clients, she provides counsel regarding U.S. Department of Treasury issues related to medical cannabis.

Wendy Catherine Coumantaros, Countess of Caledon  |  Board of Directors

As well as a Senior Consultant to EHG Capital, Wendy Coumantaros is an experienced international mediator and negotiator, whose responsibilities revolve, as Co-Founder and Consultant Publisher, around the branding, editorial opportunities and sponsorship of the Spear’s 500 Directory and its related events.


Fourteen years ago, she co-founded Spear’s, the bi-monthly magazine for UHNW Individuals and those in the financial service industries, Hedge Funds and Private Client Law Firms. It has been called “the Bible of the banking fraternity” by GQ and “a European rival to Forbes” by the Evening Standard, and it is read by 35,000 of Europe’s decision-makers and wealth-creators. She is now Commercial Director of the Spear’s 500 Directory, the world’s first comprehensive guide to the top private client advisers, wealth managers and HNW service providers.


The Spear’s 500 has been acclaimed as a ‘must have’ Debrett’s Guide by Single Family Offices and UHNW Entrepreneurs.


Prior to Spear’s, Wendy served as Director of Strategic Growth and Client Development for Brecher Connect, where she spearheaded the separate LLP private equity platform of the Brecher law firm and focused on real estate introductions both in the UK and abroad.


As a testimony to her multifaceted range of interests, Wendy also has experience in hedge funds, having served as Business Development Director in 2003 for the KGR Capital Absolute Return Fund (Asia Pacific), as well as in conflict resolution, after seven years of service as Communications Consultant at the Conflict Resolution Research Resource Institute in Seattle.


She has been described as a “rare diamond” for her excellent client-facing skills, and for her finesse in hosting exclusive, tailor-made receptions and dinners, both large and small.

Dr. Michele Ross   |   Board of Advisors

Neuroscientist, two-time author, and CEO of Infused Health, an Uber of cannabis coaching. Previously founder & Executive Director of 501c3 nonprofit IMPACT Network, providing clinical research, education & advocacy for women who use cannabis.

Fun fact: first scientist to star on a reality television series, starring on CBS’s hit TV show Big Brother in 2009 and lasting 66 days on the show.

Dr. Niccolo Aieta   |   Board of Advisors

Dr. Niccolo Aieta, founder of Spherex, holds a Ph.D in Material Sciences and Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Following a string of advisory roles to over 30 clean-tech companies, Dr. Aieta set out to bridge the gap between business and science, creating an industrial-scale CO2 extraction facility meant to service Marijuana Infused Product (MIP) businesses looking to ramp up production. Dr. Aieta and his team of dedicated scientists and technicians currently provide extraction of high purity, ultra clean THC products for some of the largest edible and vapeable cannabis brands in the State of Colorado. Dr. Aieta has been instrumental in progressing the discovery and dissemination of supercritical CO2 extraction technologies, presenting at numerous national cannabis conventions, and co-authoring the peer reviewed, Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Cannabinoids from Cannabis Sativa L. Plant Material, in The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, November 2017.

Nick Vu   |   Board of Advisors

Nick was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the US at an early age.  With very humble beginnings, Nick was introduced to diversity early on and learned to appreciate people as unique individuals – their desires, needs, perspectives and expectations. The difference of individuals is what makes all people very similar.
A pull towards science and math, Nick pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Irvine and the University of Arizona.  At UofA, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a triple minor in Math, Chemistry and Physics.  Post-graduation, he stayed at UofA to oversee a research laboratory in the Cognitive Sciences Department, specifically interested in cerebral asymmetries involved in spatial navigation.  Here, Nick put his skills to use in experimental design, development of protocols & controls and data analysis. Hypothesize, test, iterate.
In 2002, Nick moved to San Francisco, California to start his career in technology.  He contracted with Venture Frogs Incubator, an early VC investor in Zappos.com and other startups. Soon thereafter, Nick joined Zappos (now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon.com) as a full-time employee to help build Zappos.com’s IT department from the ground up.  Here, he learned the significance of customer service and it’s impact on the end-user.  Today, Nick continues to serve as Zappos.com’s lead of Shared IT Services.  He’s responsible for enterprise-level technical and innovative solutions that give end-users a competitive advantage.  Over the past 15 years, Nick has overseen teams in remote locations, both domestic and international.  He has had the privilege working to improve efficiency, reliability and scalability of corporate applications and IT services for Zappos.  He’s been able to utilize his talents to identify improvement opportunities, build proposals, design and implement new solutions and technologies.  Here, at Zappos, Nick learned that success is rarely attributed to a single individual, but rather the collaboration and work of many.  He has had the honor to work with and develop employees into exceptional value-added SMEs who’ve gone on to fields that include: Information Security, Systems Administration, software development and management.
Nick has resided in the Las Vegas Valley since 2004.  He and his wife share a love for global travel.  Experiencing different cultures, histories and traditions keeps life interesting.

Peter L. Harris   |   Board of Advisors

In 1985 as CEO, Harris and an investor partner acquired world-famous FAO Schwarz. While at the company he invented the concept of “entertainment retail”, a strategy that the customer should have an experience while in the store. Harris sold the company to Dutch retail group KKB in 1990 and remained as CEO.


Later, new owner-representative of the San Francisco 49ers, John York, hired Harris to replace Carmen Policy as President & Chief Executive Officer. Harris stayed for four years but did not renew his contract. During his time with the team, he oversaw the building of a new stadium.


In 2004 Harris was named the CEO of NASDAQ-listed boating lifestyle company West Marine in Watsonville, CA with more than 400 stores and 4,000 employees. 


In recent yearsHarris took on a full-time advisory and operating role as a Senior Managing Partner at crisis management firm Eaglepoint Advisors, before joining private equity firm TPG Growth as a Senior Advisor responsible for Human Capital. He became the Chairman at TPG portfolio company XOJet where he remains on the Board of Directors. In 2014 he became President of GreenTech Environmental in Johnson City Tennessee where he continues today.

David Chamberlain   |   Board of Advisors

David Chamberlain has over 15 years of CEO experience, having led three successful NYSE-listed companies — Stride Rite, Genesco and Shaklee. He substantially increased shareholder value at each firm.


He is recognized for his ability to rapidly change failed cultures, modify behavior and improve results. During his career, he bought and successfully integrated businesses, sold underperforming operations, as well as repositioned and rebuilt nationally recognized brands.


David held senior management positions at Nabisco Brands and Quaker Oats, where he ran numerous brands and divisions in the United States and Canada. He served as a Lieutenant in the United States Army.


David holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Stacey Dougan   |   Board of Advisors

With roots in Atlanta, Georgia, Chef Stacey Dougan has been featured internationally in media as an expert gourmet vegan and raw foods chef and nutritionist. Her passion for teaching stems from her own life-changing experience overcoming numerous health issues (eczema, candida, etc.) Since successfully curing herself, her goal has been to inspire others to embrace more plant-based foods in their diet without feeling deprived. Chef Stacey is the owner of Simply Pure in Las Vegas.

Melissa Romero   |   Vice President of Altitude Products

Known as the most versatile player behind the scenes of Altitude Products, Melissa Romero is the tenacious project manager with a PhD in execution. With the rare ability to perform real time execution in the most complex and challenging circumstances, Melissa uses her years of technology and customer service expertise that was hard earned at legendary customer service leader Zappos to perform daily miracles for all divisions of Altitude Products. The word ‘no’ doesn’t exist within her vocabulary – if you can think it, she can make it happen.


Her in-depth experience with software development and quality assurance enables Melissa to step into the mind of the consumer, allowing her to anticipate issues before they even arise. As a truly passionate customer advocate (and a medical cannabis patient herself), Melissa constantly has their wants and needs at the forefront of her mind – sometimes before they even know it themselves. Combined with her robust social media and marketing skills, Melissa has a finger directly on the pulse of the cannabis community.


Melissa’s critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are only highlighted by her consistent ability to adapt – an immeasurable asset in the ever-evolving adult-use market. With endless energy, passion, and drive, Melissa oversees an expansive team throughout the United States to stay on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry.

Heather Cutler   |   Executive Assistant to the Vice President

Heather came to us ready to dive into the cannabis industry and never looked back. She’s tackled sales, streamlined processes, gone on tour across the country promoting our Black Belt CBD line while building relationships with our athletes and gym owners, and uses her background in graphic technology to help fill in the gaps everywhere else.


She is no stranger to helping a company build its way up. After graduating from Arizona State University with a Graphic Information Technology degree, she started working for a startup managing specialized website content editors for B2B and B2C.


Heather’s natural ability to sort out logistics and her passion for event planning landed her as an integral staff member of an HOA in Arizona. As the Communications and Event Manager, Heather built their communication department from the ground up and hosted every event in the facility which included hosting political figures. Later, as the Assistant to the General Manager, Heather gained intimate knowledge of HOA law, worked as a policy writer, managed the Board of Directors, and helped build and facilitate the company’s financials. Heather continues as a consultant for the company.


Entrepreneurial Spirit is one of our company’s core values and Heather lives this in her partnership with global health and wellness company, Isagenix, where she coaches other people to live a healthy lifestyle and regain their energy naturally. Plant medicine is an easy fit for her and aligns with her mission. She attends quarterly retreats across the country to stay current in the industry.

Kris Olivo   |   Executive Assistant to the CEO

Known for his ability to optimize processes, lead objective-driven teams, and close deals, he is a master of execution. Using his laser-like focus, honed through previous military service, Kris Olivo knows how to weed through the B.S. and get the job done. With years of sales, digital & social media marketing wizardry under his belt, Kris Olivo knows how to get the right ideas, in front of the right people, at the right time.


In 2015, he used his sales and marketing knowledge to drive over 70K+ new users to a mobile application he co-created. Taking his skill set further, he began consulting an array of different clients, in organizing, optimizing, and creating effective sales processes and marketing strategies. Having been called a walking ROI, he is also a social media expert who understands influence and virality and brings his entire skillset to the table to generate revenue.


An expert in people, Kris understands establishing and growing relationships with distributors, retailers, and consumers. With a strategy in mind, his vast experience as a leader not only in the military but in the civilian world as well, allow him to oversee and grow an expansive national sales team and process.

Craig Meland   |   Creative Director

Creative Guru, Craig Meland is the Creative Director for Altitude Products.


Art has always been a hobby of Craig’s from a very young age, leading to his graduating with an honors degree in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1999. Since then, he has been working professionally as a graphic designer, starting his career at the well-known Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas where he worked creating everything from print marketing collateral, to signage and billboards. He was recruited from the Riviera to work for a privately owned design firm as their Creative Director, where he was employed for 15 years. He successfully and efficiently lead a team of creative graphic artists and website developers.


In 2008, Craig started freelancing, opening CM2 Design, where he has designed an array of print collateral and websites for a wide-range of clients. In his many years as a designer, he lent his creative hand to clients such as Capital One Financial, Paris Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International, Caesars Palace, Lake Las Vegas Resort, The Las Vegas Philharmonic, LV Photo, La Salsa Cantina, Snoop Dogg, Aid for Aids Nevada, and more.


Craig joined Altitude Products bringing 17 years of his award-winning concepts, outstanding visual design skills, technical savvy and creative management experience to the Altitude Products team. Craig excels at managing an impressive work flow with tight turnarounds. His comprehensive approach to projects and his strong understanding of current design, brand and marketing trends make him a natural creative leader.

Christine La Fond   |   Sales Astronaut

Christine comes to Altitude with over 20 years of sales experience, ranging from consumer retail sales and management with major cosmetic line Borghese to directing her own team in mortgage lending at American Home Mortgage and Indymac Bank.


The diversity in her experience has allowed Christine to become a quickly adapting manager, as well as innovative leader with an appropriately aggressive sales approach. Christine is also a licensed esthetician which allows her a unique insight into the beauty and skincare sales world.


She has a six year old daughter and as a mom has a real passion for helping families find wellness outside of pharmaceuticals.

Nobie Morita   |   Director of Production

Nobie lived most of my life in California before moving to Las Vegas with only a backpack and moved in with a friend.  He started working with Burger King on his second day in town and later worked for a restaurant on the Vegas Strip as a host. When the restaurant was sold he was hired by Bed and Bath to work in their warehouse which complimented his more than seven years experience in working with inventory control.


Later, he started working for Altitude Products in production. After a few days he was promoted to Inventory Control Supervisor and is now our Director of Productions. Nobie’s knowledge in this area is a valuable asset to our team. His commitment to our core values and his never-ending work ethic drives our company forward every day.

Ted Villanueva   |   Assistant Director of Production

Ted was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. In 2006, he relocated to Las Vegas and landed a job at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino as a Security Officer. During his tenure there, he was promoted quickly through the ranks and finally held the position of Security Investigator. In his role, he learned how to speak in front of large groups of executives, how to deescalate situations, process interviews, conduct interrogations, and was certified as a CPR instructor.


Later, Ted started working for Sunset Station Hotel & Casino as a Security Officer and was soon promoted to Security Supervisor with Wildfire Gaming (subsidiary of Station Casinos). He cross trained with other departments and positions and learned various aspects of bartending, inventory control, cooking, human resources, and accounting.


Ted learned about Altitude Products and was hired as a Production Team Member. As time went on, he was promoted from Production Team Member to Assistant Production Manager and is now the Assistant Director of Production. He believes that being part of Altitude Products has been a life changing decision and is one he will never regret. He was always told “If you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.” He loves what he does and he is not looking back.