Women represent a greater economic opportunity than China and India combined world wide, yet they continue to be one of the least served demographics in all product development. As the mother of two daughters and Las Vegas Market Leader for Women Grow, our CEO set out to create a line exclusively for women. Bella products were created by our founder for her eldest daughter, Bella, who has suffered with extreme eczema for her entire life. Determined to create products that would repair her daughter’s skin and help her to be confident, the Bella line took years of research and development to become a reality. Each luxurious product is infused with top quality CBD and provides detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits. From sweet relieving tinctures that meet the unique needs of female cannabis consumers to spa products designed to help you escape from your worries. Bella exists to create uniquely feminine cannabis consumption experiences.

“My skin made me embarrassed and I didn’t feel special.” -Bella, Age 10

Bella Salute Tincture - $35

Bella Salute Tincture provides sweet relief for optimal wellness with a refreshing sweet organic strawberry lemonade base infused with full spectrum CBD that is odorless and tasteless!

No medicine flavor
Easy to use and carry
A refreshing sweet base of strawberry lemonade.

Crema Elegante - $65

Bella Crema Elegante is the epitome of quality, comfort, and medication — wrapped into one. Having a full-body, whipped texture paired with a light Italian Rose scent, this creme is the definition of luxury. This multi-purpose hydrating creme is formulated to repair the natural damage that occurs as we age. Combining patent-pending peptide complex, hemp-derived CBD, bioactive phospholipids, and a yeast extract complex – this creme firms, tightens, and increases elasticity for smoother, more even skin.

Sale da Bagno - $20

Bella is reinventing the way the world views self-care with their campaign to bring you the finest CBD infused skincare and wellness line. The Sale da Bagno combines Himalayan Salt bath soak infused with the highest-caliber hemp-derived CBD to dissipate your bodily pains and wash away both your mental and physical anguish. The Bella Sale da Bagno comes in our timeless Italian Rose scent, or unscented for your pleasure and preference.

Bomba de Bango - $20

Our Bomba da Bango is a burst of relief for the senses.This bomb will make your skin feel lusciously silky, but the true beauty in this dose of medicine is how you will feel overall! Hemp-derived CBD is blended with the purest essential oils delivering an invigorating experience for mind and body. Bella Bomba da Bagno comes in unscented – for those looking for pure medicated relief – and our Italian Rose scent, to stimulate your senses.

Piccolo Bella Bomba de Bango - $35

Our same famous Bomba da Bango recipe but this time they are mini! These are a delight and come in a bakers dozen of 13 individually wrapped bath bombs!