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Rock Star Melissa Etheridge Attends Cannabis Party in Irvine

Cannabis industry consultant, Tamar Maritz held a private upscale and informative party at her parent’s home in Irvine, California.Tamar’s guest list only included women, most of them in their sixties. Her parties aim to erase the stigma of weed. She…

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Introducing The Weekend Box CBD and Bella

We’d like to introduce you to the Weekend Box CBD and Bella! Altitude Products has launched two new brands. We’ve decided to expand our reach by creating two new lines which include THC-free products. You’ll be able to get all…

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A Summary of Deloitte’s Recreational Marijuana Study

Deloitte, the leading US audit firm, surveyed 5000 Canadiens on cannabis consumption between March 13 and April 3, 2016. The survey was nondiscriminatory of race and included adults aged 19 to baby boomers. Of the people studied 1,000 of them…

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Current State of the Cannabis Industry (Late 2017)

The cannabis industry continues to rapidly grow and surprise everyone. Despite its current federal prohibition, cannabis continues to remain one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Month-over-month, companies continue to break industry investment records and top business people…

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Regulate, Consume, Repeat

With more and more states opening up to medical and recreational cannabis users it’s important to understand the days of the casual dispensary are seceding with the massive increase of regulation.  When people hear “regulation” their instinct is to interpret…

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