Cannabis Business Travel

Cannabis Business Travel

Business travel is a necessity in the cannabis industry. Working in America’s fastest growing industry requires even regional organizations to travel for lobbying efforts, market research, or to connect with cutting edge cannabis technology that may not already exist in your state. One of my favorite aspects to my position is business travel with my team. Here are some tips to optimize everyone’s comfort:

HAVE A PLAN: At least 24 hours before any business travel I send a summary email for our team with the attire, goals, and expectations for the trip. On our most recent trip to Seattle for Hempfest it helped our team to skip hauling heavy laptops and to understand that we would have downtime for tourist adventures. 

SCHEDULE DOWN TIME: It is tempting as a leader to maximize every minute of business travel for meetings and productivity. However, it has been my experience that grinding your team crushes creativity and makes business travel miserable. I make a point to schedule in some down time- even a lunch or dinner- to reconnect and get our creative juices flowing.

ARRIVE PREPARED: I am an entrepreneurial Girl Scout when it comes to business travel. From bandaids to digestive aids to phone chargers, I have a back pack ready to go- even for day trips. Failure to plan is a plan for failure, so make sure your back ups have back ups. 

CONNECT WITH THE COMMUNITY: Make time to reach out to folks in the local cannabis community during your business travel. I love the unique cannabis communities throughout the world. I have yet to find a cannabis community that is not warm and welcoming. From Denver to Arizona to Washington, cannabis community leaders are united by decades of fighting prohibition. These common core values of advocating for plant medicine and lobbying for legalization unite us. 

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