Cannabis In Vegas is a result of asking “What If?” It’s a powerful question. If you have ever tried to order a specific cannabis product it can be a struggle to identify which dispensary carries it and how much they have in inventory. You could easily spend hours on the phone or on their website trying to figure out if they have that vape cartridge or premium flower you must have. The talented cannabis technologists at GreenRush partnered with our Social Media Unicorn team to create Cannabis In Vegas. 

Cannabis In Vegas is a cannabis technology platform to aggregate all of the data from each dispensary on the platform. For the consumer, this means one stop shopping similar to Amazon for the marijuana industry. The ease of the experience means that you can purchase a cookie from one dispensary and your favorite vape cartridge from another, all tracked through one system for express pick up or delivery in Nevada. The power of this technology unites the entire cannabis community to improve the cannabis consumer experience. 

Experience it today and save $20 per order using the code “ELEVATEDVEGAS” at 

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