Director of Operations – Jack of All Trades

Director of Operations – Jack of All Trades

Sometimes I envy the octopus – oh, what I could do with eight arms!

As the Director of Operations for Altitude Products, every day is as challenging as it is rewarding. From managing overarching projects, to coordinating community events, and even technological troubleshooting, I often find myself facing new obstacles and adventures on a daily basis. I start each and every day with a plan, but as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Being able to adapt and pivot is an immensely beneficial skill that I truly think everyone has the ability to master.

When not solving problems in the blink of an eye, I’m working with my team of brand managers to implement high-level strategic initiatives. From email newsletters to social media, and everywhere in between, we are always focused on the needs of our clients and customers. I’m proud to say that my team is made up of the most passionate customer advocates in the cannabis community, partly due to the fact that we’re cannabis patients ourselves. We sincerely have the consumers best interests at heart. My team and I believe that hard work, dedication, and commitment are invaluable. We strive to exude these traits in all that we do.

We take this same approach when coordinating logistics for the many events we host throughout the cannabis community as well. Our primary goal is for every attendee to walk away with real value – and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that happens. Every member of our team is service oriented – wired to serve others and always happy to help. We’re also genuinely invested in as many people as possible having a positive cannabis experience, even if they’re not personally consuming. Consistently presenting cannabis in a positive light helps us to achieve our goals, as well as the cannabis community as a whole – and as you know, a rising tide floats all boats.

The only constant is change, and that’s especially true within the ever-evolving cannabis industry. A new level of multi-tasking is crucial when it comes to executing at the faster-than-light speed that this industry demands. It’s true what they say; if you snooze, you lose – and there ain’t no rest for the wicked.


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