Director of Retail Sales

Director of Retail Sales

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Sales, in many industries, can be an arduous task but in cannabis it’s a rewarding experience all around. Being a part of an amazing company like Altitude Products, I feel lucky enough, but being able to facilitate the sale of cannabis, the medicine that personally has helped my quality of life so much, is honestly a blessing. Everyday, I wake up and am excited about the next phone call or meeting because I know the end result is a person who needs relief, whether it be mental or physical, will get it.

At Altitude Products, we are a very innovative company and our products are as well. I have the opportunity to be apart of a team that is arguably the best in our industry. My experience with cannabis has instilled an intricate understanding of the products and in a field that is as misunderstood and misinformed on the benefits and uses, it’s vital. I am constantly implementing training at the dispensary level to guarantee that each product is being represented and marketed the best way possible to our customers. Through patient appreciation days, I have an incredible opportunity to receive feedback directly from the consumer, which helps shape future products.  A great thing about being apart of this solid team at Altitude Products is meeting all of the great people in this industry. It seems that passion is a common trait among people in the cannabis industry, which makes conducting sales and business a pleasure.

I’ve been a cannabis advocate for almost a decade when I saw first hand the many therapeutic applications of this plant. I’m a USMC combat veteran. I joined the service a few months after 9/11 and was part of the initial invasion into Iraq and served another subsequent combat tour. After being honorably discharged, I fell into a similar fate that of other veterans, I turned to alcohol to cope with my symptoms of PTSD. I reached out for help in 2007 and although I was able to gain sobriety from alcohol, the prescription drugs I was given weren’t much better. After about a year of prescription medication and being a shell of my former self, I really gave cannabis a chance and it was a great decision. Over the next several years, I developed a great understanding for cannabis and its many uses. During this time frame I received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology that has proven to be a great asset after I embarked on my endeavor into the cannabis industry. Not only do I understand the many benefits of cannabis, but I also have a fluid understanding of how cannabis and the body react with each other. I have taken a very hard road to finding solutions to many problems that cannabis addresses, now I’m in a position that I can help others learn exponentially quicker the amazing benefits of cannabis.      

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