Director of Product Development

Director of Product Development

For over 4 years I have worked passionately in the legal cannabis world both in the medical and recreational markets in three different states which has lead me to unique industry knowledge coupled with experience with numerous cannabis products along the west coast.  Starting as a humble patient consultant in my hometown of Tucson, Arizona I quickly moved up the ladder to general manager overseeing all day to day operations and establishing purchasing relationships.  While managing that dispensary I met the man who would become my investor for my dispensary and cultivation in Springfield, Oregon.  Opening the doors to Meg’s Marijuana was a huge accomplishment for me in my drive to bring positive perspective to cannabis – I created my store with the intention of having an elegant storefront that gave patients (and eventually consumers) a beautiful place to educate themselves and have access to affordable quality products. After establishing a solid foundation in Oregon I began exploring larger opportunities in the cannabis industry which lead me to Tryke/Reef where I facilitated the opening of all 4 of their Nevada stores in addition to working as their whole sale representative, their purchaser of third party product for all of Nevada, and eventually as their Direct of Franchise developing the Franchise Manual and working with a team of franchise lawyers to develop their FDD.


And now here I am working to curate amazing boxes and other products for Altitude! One of the most exciting components of my job is that every month there will be new boxes and new products to source for those boxes.  Day to day fluctuates but always includes regular correspondence with vendors we have established a fantastic rapport with, seeking out new products in market, and meeting with brands to see how the products could work for the box but more importantly how the box can work for them in generating larger brand recognition.  As someone who worked on developing my own products and company prior, I have a deep passion for facilitating others who are equally passionate and driven to create a quality product.  It genuinely excites me that through inclusion in the box we can facilitate more traffic to partnered dispensaries, stronger brand loyalty from consumers, and make large purchases that help these businesses become more sustainable long term.


How could I not love working for Altitude products? It almost feels as though it’s the culmination of what I care about in regard to cannabis: benefiting the community, educating consumers and non-consumers, and supporting brands that are compliant, innovative, and unique.  As a patient of cannabis for the last 5 years my desire to see the industry represented in a positive light with in the local and global community is integral to how I approach my job.  I see every product I work on as a representation of not only Altitude Products but of the cannabis industry therefore I want it to showcase only the most exemplary products that are striving to establish themselves as a long-term brand and who understand that collaboration will become the cornerstone of the cannabis future.

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