Regulate, Consume, Repeat

Regulate, Consume, Repeat

With more and more states opening up to medical and recreational cannabis users it’s important to understand the days of the casual dispensary are seceding with the massive increase of regulation.  When people hear “regulation” their instinct is to interpret that as a deficit to the industry but it is in fact the exact opposite for cannabis as it remains in a federally illegal status.  Having worked in multiple legal states I’ve discovered how regulation has worked positively for myself, the companies I worked for, the consuming and non-consuming community.


While on one hand regulations result in steep licensing fees and some level of bureaucracy it also serves to protect myself and all of the cannabis companies that are working hard to prove legalization is the right direction.  Having legal state distributed licenses serves as a backbone for keeping a cannabis business protected by state rights.  Having cannabis products tested allows for tracking in case of a quarantine similar to any pharmaceutical product in addition to giving consumers a mold and mildew free product.  Consumers become more educated about what cannabinoids can benefit them and how to enjoy cannabis without overindulging on edibles or consuming whilst driving which protects them in addition to us in the industry as we continue to advocate for a positive “stoner” image.  Even the non-consumer becomes a beneficiary of a regulated market because having more laws in place assures them that there are consequences for being an irresponsible “stoner”.  Distance requirements from schools, trackable products by batch, and licensed facilities ensures that product is never in the hands of children, product is traceable back to the producer, and only companies that have met the lengthy requirements laid out for cannabis companies by state regulatory agencies may operate.


Thanks to the sometimes tedious but entirely necessary regulations we are able to make communities safer for all.

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