The Weekend Box was created because I saw firsthand the overwhelmed look on the faces of new to regulated cannabis consumers when recreational marijuana launched in other states. Even if you are a frequent cannabis consumer on the black market, the sheer variety of options in the regulated recreational cannabis market can leave you feeling like a deer in headlights. As a cannabis advocate, entrepreneur, and community leader in Las Vegas for years, I saw the opportunity to create a win/win for every tier of the cannabis retail experience. 

COMMUNITY: As a mother and community leader, I realized that our 60 existing cannabis dispensaries in the state of Nevada could easily be overwhelmed by 44 million tourists visiting Nevada. If even 5% of them wanted to experience regulated recreational cannabis in a dispensary, I knew that we were looking at consumers who would rarely receive the concierge customer service experience that most patients enjoyed during the medical marijuana market. The community is best served when cannabis consumers are well educated about how to safely consume cannabis products. The Weekend Box creates a budtender in a box solution, with an extensive brochure that highlights the laws for consumption in Nevada, tips for how to safely consume, and shares cannabis culture with the consumer. No one in our community wants our police force writing tickets for public consumption on the Las Vegas strip or our hospital emergency rooms filled with folks who ate too many edibles. Education is a powerful component to achieving the normalization of cannabis consumption. 

CANNABIS BRANDS: Cannabis brands in Nevada have been patiently waiting for the higher volume of consumer traffic for the last three years through the medical marijuana market. We have cannabis industry leading brands that new to regulated cannabis consumers aren’t familiar with. Every month, The Weekend Box team curates the top marijuana brands in the Nevada market to create unique cannabis experiences. Our standard box launched with a curated experience that was ideal for groups and new to regulated consumers, with an emphasis on macrodosing for safety. Currently we have several boxes in development with unique curated cannabis experiences for women, connoisseurs, and cannabis celebrity fans. The buying power of our sheer volume has helped established brands in the Nevada market to invest in automated manufacturing equipment. For new cannabis brands looking to launch in the Nevada market, The Weekend Box offers an established brand deeply rooted in the local cannabis community to help the brands connect to the dispensaries in market. 

DISPENSARY TEAMS: Dispensary teams throughout Nevada are some of the hardest working, most professional cannabis industry leaders you will have the privilege of interacting with. From single location boutique cannabis retail experiences to larger, multiple location high volume retail experiences, Las Vegas offers unique cannabis consumer experiences unlike anything else you have experienced. Las Vegas has been an experience town for generations, so just like consumers have a favorite Las Vegas strip property, the cannabis dispensaries here have invested in creating a cannabis retail experience for their unique target clientele. Nevada has the most regulated cannabis ecosystem on planet Earth today and every product requires its’ own individual label per transaction. This means that if a consumer wants to purchase 8 products, the budtender has to print out and affix 8 different labels. Larger transactions are wildly time consuming, which can be frustrating for the consumer and dispensary team. The Weekend Box is the only state approved aggregated product, allowing all of the products in our box to be sold under one state label. This allows the dispensary team to increase their average retail sale, while assisting a higher volume of consumers because they aren’t spending their day printing off individual labels. Not only do dispensary teams offer a unique experience, but every transaction must be packaged into a child proof exit bag before it can leave the dispensary with the consumer. The Weekend Box comes in a custom child proof exit bag, helping dispensary teams with a product that is ready to go from shelf to walking out the door with one easy transaction. The efficiency of The Weekend Box product is the ultimate win/win for dispensary teams from owner to front desk receptionist. 

CONSUMER: The Weekend Box was created to benefit new to regulated cannabis consumers first and foremost. Offering a uniquely curated regulated cannabis experience, cannabis consumers who are new to the Nevada market have a local providing the insider tips and best products that the Nevada cannabis community has grown to love over years of testing and trying new products as they come to market. With premium flower, pre-rolls, extracts, edibles, and infused topical products packaged with all of the accessories you need to consume them safely, cannabis consumers have everything they need for one stop cannabis shopping. One of the secondary benefits to purchasing The Weekend Box is that each box saves the consumer money. With our debut standard box the consumer saves over $100 compared to buying every item individually and with our ultra premium debut box the consumer easily saves over $150. This buying power offers cannabis consumers maximum value for their Las Vegas cannabis consumption experience. 

Are you ready to try The Weekend Box? All of our boxes can be ordered on line for express delivery or pick up thanks to our cutting edge cannabis technology platform. Visit to order yours today! 

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